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Whitsun has a lot of critters that you can make! It can be really overwhelming to plan exactly what you want from year to year. In order to help those who are overwhelmed and don't know where to start, I've made a tier list of Whitsun creatures to help decide what eggs you want to bother hatching. As a tier list there's obviously quite a lot of subjectivity involved here, but this should at least serve as a reasonable starting point.

(this is current as of April 2023; take it with a grain of salt, especially with regard to items being strict BiS. Peer items could have been released without me updating this!)

This page will not be covering how to obtain the various Whitsun creatures. For that, see Whitsun (Guide). This is purely to help players examine their options.

Note On Other Festivals[edit]

The way Whitsun works is that every year, some eggs will be freely available, and others will cost an Amber Ha'penny. We don't know ahead of time what the rotation will look like each year, but in principle any Whitsun item is available to someone playing freely, albeit some may require saving up several years' worth of Ha'pennies. In 2023, Percipient Egg, Untreated and Aged Egg, Untreated are free while the others cost a single Amber Ha'penny.

The two other Companion-based festivals currently are Hallowmas and Feast of the Rose. Most of the peer companions from the latter cost FATE. With regard to Hallowmas, there may be Whitsun peer items available this year or there may not be; Hallowmas cycles through what's freely available every year, and the only real heuristic is that something which was available for free last year probably won't be this year.

Special Tier: Sartorial & Bellic Augmentations[edit]

The items gained from Sartorial and Bellic Augmentation are all good. They are all worth getting if you do not have any of their peer items; they give multiple useful stats and often have a useful niche as well. They can be quite expensive however at Amber Ha'penny per item, so plan accordingly. Note also that the items in this tier hatch immediately.

Sartorial Augmentations
Item Slot Notable Stats Notable Uses Other Notes Egg type
Birdskin Gloves Gloves Strict BIS for Monstrous Anatomy and shared BIS for Neathproofed None. None. Aged, Invigorated
Aurochs-Fur Coat Clothing Strict BIS Respectable and Neathproofed and shared BIS for BDR and Glasswork. Also the only clothing item that reduces Nightmares. None The Waswood and Nadir upgrades to Parabola-Linen Suit and Parabola-Linen Frock are year-round alternatives for Glasswork clothing. For those who do not have access to the Tatterskin Shawl, it is also shared BIS for Shadowy with several other easily-obtained items. Aged, Enlightened
Tuneful Hat Hat Shared BIS for Respectable, Mithridacy, and BDR Can be used to gain immediate entrance to The Clay Tailor Club. Note that the other two Mithridacy hats require FATE expenditures, either at Hallowmas or for the story The Mushroom's Dream. Scarlet, Invigorated
Iguana-Skin Boots Boots Shared BIS for Dreaded, Bizarre, Neathproofed, and BDR, and strict BIS for Shapeling Arts. None. All currently available +2 BDR Boots are Sartorial Augmentation items. Scarlet, Enlightened
Honed Ushanka Hat Shared BIS for Bizarre, Kataleptic Toxicology, Neathproofed, and BDR. Brawling with Dockers Note that the only other Kataleptic Toxicology hat currently available is The Swan Bride's Mask, which requires playing the FATE story The Poisoner's Library, making this the only freely available KT hat. Percipient, Invigorated
Vigilant Chitin-Fur Boots Boots Shared BIS for Respectable, Bizarre and BDR, and strict BIS for Artisan of the Red Science. Brawling with Dockers All currently available +2 BDR Boots are Sartorial Augmentation items. Percipient, Enlightened
Moray Heels Boots Shared BIS for Respectable, Dreaded, BDR, and Zeefaring. Brawling with Dockers The only other Zeefaring boots are FATE locked through Mr Chimes' Lost & Found. All currently available +2 BDR Boots are Sartorial Augmentation items. Pelagic, Invigorated
Mesmeric Parasol Weapon Shared BIS for Respectable and A Player of Chess An option at False-Dawn on long Khaganian Intrigues. The only other A Player of Chess weapon available is an item from Ambition: Heart's Desire!. Pelagic, Enlightened
Iron-Lung Bagpipes Weapon Strict BIS for Bizarre, shared BIS for Monstrous Anatomy. Serenade the Saint during pilgrimages in Godfall, gives more St Stalactite's Favour than the alternative option Peer item, the Leviathan-Bone Knife, is freely available from The Rat Market during the False-Season of Summer. Aged, Invigorated
Coolflame Quill Weapon Shared BIS for Mithridacy Reduce Monograph Incoherence in Moulin Freely available peer Mood in An Epistemologically Flexible Approach to Historiography, which requires a Moulin expedition and goes away with Viric Fades. Scarlet, Invigorated
Telsonic Signet Weapon Shared BIS for Kataleptic Toxicology A (very bad) option on Toxicology lab experiments that lets you gain research that scales with Kataleptic Toxicology, in exchange for a bit of Scandal. Peer items from several sources: freely available ( Honest Butcher's Tool), FATE locked except for Hellworm Gachapon ( Vial of Cantigaster Venom), or from Estival ( A Rack of Carefully-Individuated Deaths) Percipient, Invigorated
Flexile Sabre Weapon Shared BIS for Zeefaring A Piracy option on a card that otherwise lacks one in the Sea of Voices Freely-available peer item from the Khanate ( Mostly-Cooperative Chart of the Eastern Unterzee), as well as the Sacroboscan Calendar ( M. D ' A for : F Edition) Pelagic, Invigorated

S Tier[edit]

These are must-have companions; these unlock very useful options that players will be very glad to have, either from convenience or profitability. Companions with notable stats are located here as well.

S Tier
Item Notable Stats Notable Uses Other Notes Egg type
Young Terror Bird None Efficient source of Wing of a Young Terror Bird at the Ealing butcher None.
Double-Headed Terror Bird Shared BIS for Dreaded and one point of Monstrous Anatomy None Peer or better items all FATE- or Hallowmas-locked.
Aurochs None Efficient source of Horned Skull at the Ealing butcher None.
Unquenchable Firebird BIS for Respectable and Neathproofed, one point of Mithridacy. One of several options for a watchtower in Ealing Gardens. Peer or better items all FATE- or Hallowmas-locked. All current Neathproofed companions are Whitsun critters.
Rubbery Dragon BIS for Bizarre and one point of Shapeling Arts None. Peer or better items all FATE- or Hallowmas-locked.
Transfixing Squirrel One point of Kataleptic Toxicology A useful option on Moulin expeditions Peer or better items all FATE-locked.
Brachiating Spindlewolf Shared BIS for Artisan of the Red Science Ascend in the Nadir, but it's bad. Peer items all FATE- or Hallowmas-locked, except for the Violant-Winged Bat only available in Ambition: Nemesis
Inculcating Kraken One point of A Player of Chess A highly profitable option on the Bazaar lodgings card with a difficult A Player of Chess challenge. Another A Player of Chess companion is available to those who make certain decisions towards the end of Ambition: Heart's Desire!. All other peer items are FATE-locked

A Tier[edit]

These are companions that are extremely useful and unlock options that a player may be very glad to have. This also includes companions that have notable stats, but with easily accessible alternatives.

A Tier
Item Notable Stats Notable Uses Other Notes Egg type
Iron-Toothed Terror Bird None. Hunting it in Parabola is a good source of Direful Reflection and Thorned Ribcage. None.
Carnivorous Aurochs None. Hunting it in Parabola is a good source of Memory of Discordance and significantly more efficient than the alternative Hurlyburly. Not as necessary with a certain Ambition reward from Ambition: Bag a Legend!.
Reflected Minotaur One point of Glasswork None The Honey-Mazed Bear available in Ealing Gardens is an accessible alternative, but keeping it removes a moderately-profitable bonus loop to Parabola trips.
Lyrebird Educated in Three Schools None. A source of Making Waves for those with A Salon. None.
Warm-hearted Amber Iguana Shared BIS for Neathproofed Can be used to gain Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage Also used to gain Amphibian Research in a non-repeatable lab project. All current Neathproofed companions are Whitsun critters.
Acicular Squirrel None. Use Kataleptic Toxicology instead of Glasswork when Lost in Strange Lands This allows you to train Kataleptic Toxicology without expensive experiments
Elongated Spindlewolf None. Gain Salacious Copy for your Newspaper An alternative is available with Renown: The Great Game 40.
Surveilling Spindlewolf None. Can be used instead of a Favour when setting up a Cover Identity None.
Canny Cuttlefish None. Can be used instead of a Favour when setting up a Cover Identity Redundant with certain Ambition rewards.
Uttermost Eel One point of Zeefaring An option when zailing the Salt Steppes The Almost-Tame Blue Prophet available in Gaider's Mourn is an accessible alternative.
Violantly Mercantile Cuttlefish None. A profitable option on A Trade in Reputations None.

B Tier[edit]

Beyond this point there are no statistically interesting companions. These companions either unlock useful one-time options or repeatable, but niche ones.

B Tier
Item Notable Uses Other Notes Egg type
Untrained Lyrebird Deploy your Lyrebird on a Heist Highly Dreaded players don't need it
Dream-dwelling Carnivorous Aurochs Can be used to progress the Parabolan Base-Camp and also Burrow-infra-Mump None.
Quizzical Squirrel Can be used to gain Emetic Revelation in Arbor Better sources are available by the time you need these.
Acute Squirrel Can be used to make progress with Kataleptic Toxicology on Monstrous lab experiments None.
Spindlewolf Gain Talk of the Town at the Veilgarden Party. None.
Abyssal Sawtooth Can hunt when diving in the Magistracy of the Evenlode None.
Immaculate Eel An option in the Nadir None.
Prismatic Squidling Gain Inspired in the Empress' Court None.

C Tier[edit]

These have highly niche uses at best.

C Tier
Item Notable Uses Other Notes Egg type
Suspicious Iguana Gain Investigating in the Flit It's bad.
Unerring Elver Gain Seeking in the Flit It's bad.
Elegiac Cockatoo Bring for tea at Beatrice's None.
Imminent Falcon Bring for tea at Beatrice's None.

D Tier[edit]

The only thing notable about these is that they can be studied in your Laboratory when conducting certain non-repeatable experiments.

C Tier
Item Research Gain Egg type
Amber Iguana Amphibian Research
Mycological Bullfrog Amphibian Research
Copper-Speckled Crustacean Piscine Research
Voracious Lamp-Eye Piscine Research

F Tier[edit]

It's a good thing they're cute.

F Tier
Item Egg type
Full-Grown Terror Bird
Operatic Lyrebird
Burbling Wolfhound
Exuberant Batling