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Bessemer Steel Ingots (BSI) are the main resource used to advance the Great Hellbound Railway, as they are the primary component of the Railway Steel needed to build tracks.

At around 23 x Bessemer Steel Ingot per Railway Steel, and up to 38 x Railway Steel on average needed to build toward each station, it ultimately takes up to 7866 x Bessemer Steel Ingot to complete the Railway. This makes it especially desirable to know the most efficient source of BSI available to you at a given time.

I need HOW many BSI?![edit]

BSI converts to Railway Steel at a rate of 22.5–23 BSI per Steel, depending on which of the manufacturing options you choose:

Cost Output Efficiency
Option & actions Actions per 10 per 10 per 10
Make tracks 90 1 4 2.5 225 2.5
Make a lot of tracks 345 3 15 2 230 2.0

As the table shows, Make tracks is slightly more BSI-efficient, while Make a lot of tracks uses fewer Justificande Coins and actions.

Steel per station[edit]

The amount of Railway Steel needed to build toward each station varies, with 30 Steel as the minimum and some stations presenting options that require different amounts of Steel.

Station requirements
Station Steel BSI
Ealing Gardens 30–40[s 1] 675–920
Jericho Locks 30 675–690
The Magistracy of the Evenlode 40–60[s 2] 900–1380
Balmoral 60 1350–1380
Station VIII 32 720–736
Burrow-infra-Mump 30 675–690
Moulin 30 675–690
The Hurlers 30 675–690
Marigold 30 675–690
Total 312–342 7020–7866
  1. 30 if you have an Impossible Theorem
  2. 40 with a plains route, 60 with a hills route

Therefore, depending on your choices for Ealing and the Evenlode, and whether or not you make tracks in bulk, you'll need up to 342 x Railway Steel and 7866 x Bessemer Steel Ingot total to build to all nine stations.

Quick list of BSI sources[edit]

Your options for grinding BSI, and which method is most efficient, varies depending on a number of factors; e.g., your skill levels, the locations you have access to, and your Lab setup. In general, we'll cover the BSI per action that you can achieve with each method, as well as what that method requires and how you can optimize your returns.

In brief, the sources of BSI are:

The rest of this guide will cover each of these methods in more detail.

Brawling with dockers[edit]

Brawling is one of the easiest sources of BSI. It's available fairly early—as long as you've completed the A Name Scrawled in Blood]] storyline (see Making Your Name) and come to an agreement with the Garrulous Drunk, you have access to this method.

The base efficiency, assuming you can 100% the main challenge (Fight without taking your eye off the goods!), is 4 x BSI per action.

Brawling with a group[edit]

This involves intervening on the side of order, the dockers, or criminals. The main challenge is Dangerous 125, and you need 209 to 100% it.

Your cashing-out options and their efficiency are as follows:

Brawling solo[edit]

If you have Dangerous 292 or higher, you can 100% the main challenge when brawling for yourself.

More efficient Brawling[edit]

Depending on your Dangerous and other items or skill levels you may have, you may be able to shorten these grinds by using other options that give more Brawling per action. This includes several Airs-dependent options, as well as options requiring a Honed Ushanka, Vigilant Chitin-Fur Boots, A Hunter's Instinct for Nightmares, or a Special Dispensation. For more information on optimizing your Brawling, consult Brawling with Dockers (Guide).

Selling to an Enthusiast of the Ancient World[edit]

In the Bone Market, the Enthusiast of the Ancient World will pay BSI for skeletons with Antiquity, or for Femurs of a Jurassic Beast. To sell to him, you need Respectable 3.

Selling him Femurs[edit]

Sell him a Jurassic Thigh Bone allows you to unload one Femur of a Jurassic Beast per action, in exchange for 10 x BSI. The efficiency of this method, therefore, depends on your source of Femurs.

  • Brawling: As mentioned above, you can cash out Brawling for Femurs, which is more efficient in BSI/action than taking BSI crates. When Brawling in any group and always succeeding at the basic fight option, this works out to 4.7 BSI/action. The efficiency can be improved from there with advanced Brawling strategies.
  • Methods besides Brawling tend to be less efficient, but additional sources for Femurs are in the Bone Sources list.

Selling him Skeletons[edit]

The Enthusiast will buy any skeleton with at least 1 point of Antiquity. He pays BSI based on the Approximate Value of Your Skeleton in Pennies, with a bonus if the current Bone Market fads are in your favour (check World Qualities to see what these are). The formula for his payout is (Value + Zoological Mania Bonus)/50 = BSI.

Optimizing the value of your skeleton can be a complicated endeavour, with varying requirements depending on the type of skeleton you want, as efficiency dependent on your bone sources. If you're interested in getting the most bang for your buck selling the Enthusiast skeletons, consult Assembling a Skeleton (Guide). For the purposes of this guide, we'll just give you a few options that yield a decent amount of BSI without a lot of hassle.

Smuggling industrial materials[edit]

Getting access to this method is a bit complicated and requires waiting for a card, but yields 130 x BSI on success.

Stealing from Mr Iron's warehouse[edit]

Look for Mr Iron's Warehouse is a Parabola-based heist, which is available from your Base Camp once you have Shadowy 200. It costs 15 x An Identity Uncovered! (which is not consumed if you fail the check—and you eventually will, as it would take Shadowy 367 to 100% it). The efficiency, therefore, is based on your source of Identities Uncovered.

Success gets you 100 x BSI.

Other sources[edit]

The remaining sources of BSI are inefficient in terms of BSI per action, but are listed here for completeness.

L. B. Industries[edit]

Request Bessemer Steel Ingots as pay at L. B. Industries: 8 x BSI for Foreman's Favour 60. You also get 7 x Hinterland Scrip. This might be a good option if you're grinding Shadowy anyway—there's a Menace-free Shadowy 178 challenge here (Assist with assembly).

Hunting the Storm-bird[edit]

Search the Cloud: 5 x BSI for concluding your Storm-bird hunt this way. There's no particular benefit to this hunt if you aren't actually looking to capture Storm-birds, though there's a chance of getting a Whirring Contraption or A Miniature Model Ship as an alternative success, if that appeals to you.

Sell an Aged Egg at Whitsun[edit]

During Whitsun, you can buy an Aged Egg from the Reliable Eggmonger for 100 x Jade Fragment and sell it to the Enthusiast for 10 x BSI. If you find yourself flush with Jade during Whitsun, and you don't have a source of Sabre-toothed Skulls that makes selling him full skeletons efficient, you might do this; otherwise, you'll get more BSI for your Jade by spending it on Headless Skeletons to re-capitate.