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A Comprehensive and Descriptive Guide Detailing the Necessary Procedures by Which a Fallen Londoner Ought to First Visit Parabola

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So! You are at that point in your Fallen London career where you're contemplating entering Parabola. Perhaps you've seen the option in the University laboratory to enter this place. Perhaps you're a Silverer, and the option appeared in the Veilgarden Honey-Dens, and now you want to know how to optimize this strange and unfamiliar “Parabola.” Either way, this is the guide for you! This guide assumes that you have attained A Person of Some Importance - (PoSI), but nothing else.

This guide details the full preparations for and an entire sprawling list for what to do before, during, and after your first Parabola outing. It does not go in-depth into any Ambitions you might be doing along with this and does not go into the War in Parabola (There is a guide for that), though it does list some effects that linger after campaigns due to your choices in the war. This guide assumes that you do not have Fate, but does take note of festival items as well as items which were previously available for free but now require Fate.

Preparing to Enter[edit]

Prepare to swap professions to Silverer[edit]

Swapping to Silverer in order to enter Parabola saves at least 350 Echoes compared to the 1001 Memories of Light research project.

Methods to obtain Memories of Light[edit]

Make careful inspection of the following image:

Flowchart showing ways to grind memories of light

Acquire the necessary materials to enter Parabola[edit]

Acquire resources to grind advanced stats later[edit]

Acquire resources for use in Parabola[edit]

Finish Any Projects You Have in the Laboratory[edit]

  • Unless that project requires Parabolan Research, you'll want to finish any research projects you have ongoing before going in, to make your obtaining of Parabolan Research more efficient (each trip to Parabola costs honey and actions). So you leave Parabola with some Parabolan Research, then start a new research project that requires Parabolan Research, and you get a head-start on that project. If you have an in-progress research project which does not require Parabolan Research, when you later complete that project you'll waste any Parabolan Research you obtained from Parabola.

Change Professions to Silverer[edit]

Entering Parabola[edit]

As a Silverer[edit]

As a Laboratory Researcher[edit]

If you don't want to switch jobs, here's everyone else's way in:

An Overview of Mechanics in Parabola[edit]

  • Try to leave Parabola as little as possible. Entering Parabola costs honey and actions. This guide is centered on the idea of having one massive hyperefficient visit to Parabola.
    • You cannot draw cards in Parabola. Your opportunity deck will fill up after an hour of real time. If you want, you can leave Parabola at intervals to empty your opportunity deck, though note that doing so costs an action and 100 honey (50 honey if you're a silverer) each time. This can be worth it if you value your opportunity cards.
  • Take note of your Set of Cosmogone Spectacles, they'll make life easier here in the Is-Not.
  • Mechanics: movement within Parabola is free, but requires lots of clicking to go between places. Movement within Parabola will also shuffle Airs of Parabola
  • While in Parabola, Scandal and Suspicion have no effect when they reach 8, and kick in only once you return to London (though not while you are in the University Laboratory)
  • While in Parabola, Nightmares have no effect when they reach 8 until you return to your Base-Camp, at which point the Storylet Conflagration (for Nightmares 8) autofires, which will consume a level of both Glasswork and Monstrous Anatomy.
  • Similarly, Wounds 8 will trigger Falling apart at your Base-Camp. This will consume Glasswork and Kataleptic Toxicology. Unlike GW and MA, which will be raised just from using the skills, KT is only raised by a few expensive actions, most commonly A preparation for the stomach. So it is a good idea to avoid Wounds 8 in Parabola.

Hunting in Parabola (the First Pass)[edit]

Main article: Parabolan Hunting (Guide)

Your First Hunt: the Seven-Throated Warbler[edit]

After the Hunt[edit]

Your Other Hunt: the Focused Albatross[edit]

Acquire the following items from your hunts[edit]

Grinding Advanced Stats[edit]

A Player of Chess[edit]

For a more in-depth look at the Chessboard, see this guide.



Monstrous Anatomy[edit]

Kataleptic Toxicology[edit]

Hunting in Parabola (the Last Pass)[edit]

Your Last Hunt: the Storm-Bird[edit]

Leaving Parabola: what to do next[edit]

Before You Leave[edit]

(See also #Making Use of Parabola below.)

The Checklist: Parabolan Booty[edit]

Laboratory Equipment[edit]

You can use 100 Perfumed Gunpowder, 100 Foxfire Candle Stubs, 2000 Nevercold Brass Slivers, 1 Mourning Candle, and 3 Hillmovers to improve your Laboratory Equipment from level 4 to level 5.

Monstrous Anatomy Studies[edit]

Mithridant Studies[edit]

Kataleptic Toxicology[edit]

Comprehensive Study of Avian Anatomies, Oneiric and Otherwise[edit]

Making Use of Parabola[edit]

Re-entering Parabola[edit]

  • There are multiple places from which to re-enter Parabola. Silverers will generally have an easier time of it. The three main places in London which you can enter from are Your Lodgings, the University Laboratory, and the Honey-Dens in Veilgarden. Entrance costs 50 Honey for Silverers and 100 for everyone else. Entrance always takes an action.
  • Silverers have the option to head to any location in Parabola directly from London. This saves clicks but not actions.

Parabolan Defences[edit]

Upgrading your Parabolan Defences is needed for some ambitions, the Parabolan War, and unlocks a fairly efficient Nightmares heal. It will also be required for Dangerous Gains later.

Raise your Parabolan Defences to 3 by playing the appropriate storylets under Build up your Base-Camp. Much like upgrading the Laboratory, several of the steps in building up Parabolan Defences can be skipped or substituted with Fate payments/Fate-locked items.

Non-Fate Route

If using only non-Fate options, you will need 1600 Honey, a Strong-Backed Labour, a Parabola-Linen Suit, a Parabola-Linen Frock, 11 x Rookery Password, and a Bengal Tigress.

Fate Route

The Viric Jungle[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Oneiropomp (Guide)

The Chessboard[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: The Chessboard (Guide)

The Waswood[edit]

The Dome of Scales[edit]

The Reflection of Your Laboratory[edit]

Stat Gains[edit]

Main Article: Raising Attribute Caps (Guide)

Shadowy Gains[edit]

Non-Parabolan War (0-12) Fingerkings (12-30) Cats (12-30) Red-Handed Queen (12-30)

Dangerous Gains[edit]