Preparing for Seasonal Events (Guide)

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Fallen London comes with several regular, seasonal events. These are great fun to play, with no preparation needed.

If you plan to "minmax" (achieve maximal mechanical gains with minimal effort), some preparations can get boost your outcomes.

Feast of the Exceptional Rose[edit]

(Starts in February to cover Valentine's day)

Prepare to get a Tattoo[edit]

During the Feast of the Rose, you can either decide not to get a tattoo, and gain a permanent point of Respectable, or get a tattoo which gives you either a point of Dreaded or Bizarre. If you chose the latter, you can get another tattoo in the next year.

To do that, you should...

Materials for Gifts[edit]

Part of Feast of the Rose is sending each other gifts. On Discord, the forums and on Reddit you can find other players willing to exchange gifts. It can be a good idea to pre-grind some of the materials used for these gifts:

In the Feast, those items are pretty much interchangeable; some can be exchanged for 1 point of Masquing, others for 2 points. Some have notable uses outside the Feast, for which you might want to obtain them in greater quantities.

An Antediluvian Ushabti[edit]

These can be used in the Reflection of your Laboratory to generate Parabolan Research. With 9x An Antediluvian Ushabti you can get 100% success at Consult your Antediluvian Ushabti, which gives you between 5 and 7 points of Parabolan Research, depending on your Glass Studies quality, as well as 5x Expertise of the Second City.

Researchers from a finished ambition and the Visionary Student provide significantly more Parabolan Research per action, but the Ushabti are probably the best source of Second City Expertise if you ever need a lot of it. (You won't ever need a lot of it.)

To obtain 9x Ushabti through a one-to-one exchange, you'd need to prepare 180x Mystery of the Elder Continent.

A Custom-Engraved Skull[edit]

This guide is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
What needs work: Clarify the skull count for grinding Bessemer Steel Ingots to account for reduced railway costs after the November 2023 update.

This one can be used at the Bone Market. If you add it to a skeleton in progress, it adds 100 echoes worth of value to your skeleton, which is pretty awesome considering that acquiring one only costs 20 echoes worth of Inkling of Identity.

Adding it also adds two points of Bone Market Exhaustion, and is locked at 4 x Bone Market Exhaustion, so you can do it up to twice a week, if you have no other uses for the 4 points of Exhaustion that Time, the Healer removes per week.

For example, you could finance all of the Bessemer Steel Ingot requirements for the whole railway with roughly 30-40 Custom-Engraved Skulls.

Or you could build a very simple human skeleton starting either from a Headless Skeleton, or a Licentiate can Supply a skeleton of your own, top it off with a Custom-Engraved Skull, declare a human, and sell to a Constable for 225 x Hinterland Scrip, worth 112.5 echoes. If you assume a 4-EPA grind to acquire the 200 x Inkling of Identity through the Rat Market, and also assume an exchange, that's 5 actions to acquire the raw materials (or 6 if you are not a Licentiate), 1 to send the skull to a partner, one to receive a skull in return, and 4 actions at the bone market, for a total of 11-12 actions for a 112.5 echoes, for an EPA of 9.375 to 10.23.

If using up your 4 points of Bone Market Exhaustion the ordinary way (of building highly optimized skeletons) is too complicated for you, building two simple skeletons with custom-Engraved Skulls is a simple and highly profitable alternative. If you plan to do that every week until the next Feast of the Rose, you'll need around 104 skulls.

To obtain 104 x A Custom-Engraved Skull through a one-to-one exchange, you'd need to prepare 20800 Inkling of Identity. Doing that through the Rat Market is highly recommended.

An Intimate of devils and keeping your soul[edit]

If you want to complete an intimate with devils, but keep your soul, now is the time. Start the storyline before FEAST OF THE ROSE in order to reach An intimate 18+. See An Intimate of Devils and Selling Your Soul (Guide) for more information.


(Starts mid May)

Disclaimer: Whitsun is a newer event than the others, so expect more changes to it.


Several pieces of Festival content are located in areas which are unlocked in the mid-game. Early-game characters may wish to prioritize certain storylines so as to have access to all Festival content. Access to all locations is required to obtain the full set of rewards available in a given year.

Preparing Materials for Egg Augmentations[edit]

You will likely want to apply each augmentation type to a few eggs each. The materials necessary are common tier 3 and tier 4 materials that can be easily obtained by advanced characters; for beginners, it might make sense to prep-grind the materials mentioned in Whitsun_(Guide)#Augments.

A Whispered Hint omelet[edit]

A central activity of Whitsun involves buying mysterious eggs from The Reliable Eggmonger and using them for various activities around London. One of the possible options there involves Buying a scarlet egg and then selling it at De Gustibus. While the EPA of this scheme is fairly low (namely, just 2.3), it provides one of the best early-game Whispered Hint grinds in London, giving 125 of them per action spent without any checks. Especially for the newer players who are trying to collect 80.000 Whispered Hints for the Premises at the Bazaar this could be an attractive option. To prepare for that, grind some Shard of Glim in advance.

De Gustibus[edit]

Whitsun is the only time of year one can acquire A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book, which is a Tier 8 item. It costs 1 x Vial of Masters' Blood, which takes some time and planning to acquire. It's best to start early.

This is also the only opportunity to acquire or raise Caused a Scene at the Apicius Club, a vanity quality which on the whole is rather silly. It costs 1 x Forty-Nine-Voiced Warbler. Obtaining the correct Warbler costs only a moderate number of actions, but is only available when Parabolan Dominance favors the Fingerkings. It takes a full-length Parabolan Warfare campaign to change the dominance, which may require forward planning.

There is an opportunity to use Hellworm Milk, an otherwise-useless item. This will, in a year, grant you a Ripened Wheel of Hellworm Cheese. Acquiring milk requires advanced preparations.

  • Begin a Railway
  • Acquire 200000 (worth around E 100000). See Hinterland Scrip-Making for more details.
  • Beg the RNG to give you Hellworm Milk.
    • On average this will require drawing and playing a Frequent card in the Hinterlands 128 times. But with the RNG there is substantial variance in how long it may take you to acquire your first milk.


Prior to 2021, Mayoral Elections were held in London, during the month of July. These were retired, and replaced in 2021 by Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out as a one-time / experimental event.

2022 was another collaborative event, see F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition (historical).

Given that these events aren't repeated, it's hard to say what kind of preparations might be useful. Only the general advice that with the more stories you progress through and the more locations you unlock, the chance gets higher that some of them prove to be useful.

Fruits of the Zee[edit]

(Starts in September)

You will want to purchase a boat prior to the event so that you can trade it in for one of the event-exclusive ones. If you aren't yet a PoSI you will want to become one, this guide should help you (A Person of Some Importance). If you are PoSI and don't have a boat yet this guide (PoSI Item Crafting) lists all the materials you will require, higher tier boats will give you a minor discount on the event boats.

If you are sufficiently late-game you may also consider stocking up on Skulls in Coral as these can be traded for favour during the event.


(Typically starts a week before Halloween, so starts in October, and lasts for two weeks).

Companion Upgrades[edit]

Different items with different requirements are available each year, which makes these hard to prepare for with certainty. However now that items may cycle back into availability, it would be wise to obtain any past upgradeable companions, especially ones with multiple upgrade options and/or whose upgrades unlock content.

Now that non-Companion items may be upgraded, it seems prudent to obtain any Renown items you are already close to.


Three of the four primary menaces will be possible to exchange for Spirit of Hallowmas. In 2023, these three will most likely include Wounds, Suspicion and Scandal, and the one excluded Menace will most likely be Nightmares. You should try to start HALLOWMAS with as much as possible menaces. See Menaces (Guide) in order to know how to increase them as fast as possible. It might also be worth saving up supplies for doing activities that give a lot of menaces, such as training A Scholar of the Correspondence.

A Weasel of Woe costs 400 echoes, but allows you to reduce all main stats by 300 (as well as increasing Wounds gain). This can be very helpful for failing challenges in order to gain menaces.

Increasing Menaces at the Festival locations requires items which can be stockpiled. You may wish to plan ahead for which Mask you will pick, as that will change which items can be spent.

The Drownies[edit]

In order to increase Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies further, efficiently you need to already have it at 1. This can be gained by Doing a specific heist or during CHRISTMAS: Dispose of it


(Starts in December).

If you're planning to get a lot of Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow and/or Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre, there are some preparations.

In order to get many pails, you can buy them for

In order to maximize your conversion from Snow to Lacre, it's beneficial to have

... and A Scholar of the Correspondence 10 for 100% chance of success.

... and high Dangerous. Neither of these will be consumed.

For PtPT, consider grinding Vial of Tears of the Bazaar


At the 6th of January and afterwards, you may upgrade 4-card lodgings to their 5-card correspondent for much cheaper than usual.

To make use of the cheaper upgrade to 5-cards lodgings, prepare by acquiring a 4-cards lodging!

12 Days of Mr Sacks[edit]

(Starts on December 25th).

To get the most out of the 12 Days of Mr. Sacks, here are some possible preparations: