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Academic items include: Memory of Discordance, Foxfire Candle Stub, Flask of Abominable Salts, Memory of Distant Shores, Incisive Observation, Unprovenanced Artefact, and Volume of Collated Research.

Information on how to grind Academic items may be found at Academic Grinding (Guide).



Book items include: Revisionist Historical Narrative, Corrective Historical Narrative, Slim Volume of Bazaarine Poetry, Page of Cryptopalaeontological Notes, Page of Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes, Page of Theosophistical Notes and Unusual Love Story.

Information on how to grind various books may be found at Books Grinding (Guide).



Cartography items include: Shard of Glim, Map Scrap, Zee-Ztory, Partial Map, Puzzling Map, Cartographer's Hoard, and Collection of Curiosities.

Furthermore, Parabola-related items include: Sighting of a Parabolan Landmark, Glass Gazette, Vitreous Almanac, Oneiromantic Revelation, Parabolan Parable and Waswood Almanac.

Information on how to grind Cartography items may be found at Cartography Grinding (Guide).



Contraband items include: Flawed Diamond, Ostentatious Diamond, London Street Sign, Use of Villains, Comprehensive Bribe, Hillmover, Magnificent Diamond, various filled Mirrorcatch boxes, and Fabulous Diamond.

Information on how to grind Contraband items may be found at Contraband Grinding (Guide).



Grindable Curiosity items include: Laudanum, Tincture of Vigour, Implacable Detective's Business Card, Venom-Ruby, Sapphire, Horsehead Amulet, Whirring Contraption, and Strong-Backed Labour.

Information on how to grind Curiosity items may be found at Curiosity Grinding (Guide).


Currency3 silver.png

Currency items include: Fistful of Surface Currency, Assortment of Khaganian Coinage, First City Coin, Fourth-City Echo and Justificande Coin. For guidance on grinding Hinterland Scrip, see Hinterland Scrip-Making; for guidance on grinding Echoes, see Money-Making.

Information on how to grind Currency items may be found at Currency Grinding (Guide).



Elder items include: Jade Fragment, Relic of the Third City, Mystery of the Elder Continent, Presbyterate Passphrase, Antique Mystery, Primaeval Hint, and Elemental Secret.

Information on how to grind Elder items may be found at Elder Grinding (Guide).


Nevercold brass.png

Goods items include: Certifiable Scrap, Nevercold Brass Sliver, Piece of Rostygold, Bessemer Steel Ingot, and Knob of Scintillack.

Information on how to grind Goods items may be found at Goods Grinding (Guide).

Great Game[edit]

Pawn TC.png

Great Game items include: Well-Placed Pawn, Final Breath, Moves in the Great Game, Vienna Opening, and Vital Intelligence.

Information on how to grind Great Game items may be found at Great Game Grinding (Guide).



Historical items include Trace of the First City, Relic of the Second City, Relic of the Fourth City, Rusted Stirrup, and Silver Cat's Claw.

Information on how to grind Historical items may be found at Historical Grinding (Guide).



Infernal items include: Soul, Amanita Sherry, Brilliant Soul, Muscaria Brandy, Brass Ring, Devilbone Die, Queer Soul, Silent Soul, Portfolio of Souls, Bright Brass Skull, and Coruscating Soul.

Information on how to grind Infernal items may be found at Infernal Grinding (Guide).



Influence items include: Stolen Correspondence, Intriguing Snippet, Compromising Document, Secluded Address, Stolen Kiss, Favour in High Places, and Personal Recommendation.

Information on how to grind Influence items may be found at Influence Grinding (Guide).



Legal items include: Infernal Contract, Dubious Testimony, Sworn Statement, Cave-Aged Code of Honour, and Legal Document.

Information on how to grind Legal items may be found at Legal Grinding (Guide).



Luminosity items include: Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax, Phosphorescent Scarab, Memory of Light, Mourning Candle, Patent Scrutinizer, Eyeless Skull, Bejewelled Lens, and Ray-Drenched Cinder.

NB! Buying Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax and upconverting it is a good way of obtaining Luminosity items, however it increases Advancing the Liberation of Night: with every conversion. Currently ALoN doesn't have any adverse gameplay impact, but this might change in future.

Information on how to grind Luminosity items may be found at Luminosity Grinding (Guide).


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Mysteries items include: Whispered Hint, Cryptic Clue, Appalling Secret, Tale of Terror!!, Journal of Infamy, Extraordinary Implication, Uncanny Incunabulum, Direful Reflection, Searing Enigma, Dreadful Surmise, and Impossible Theorem.

Information on how to grind Mysteries items may be found at Mysteries Grinding (Guide).



Nostalgia items include: Drop of Prisoner's Honey, Romantic Notion, Vision of the Surface, Touching Love Story, Bazaar Permit, Captivating Ballad and Soothe & Cooper Long-Box.

Information on how to grind Nostalgia items may be found at Nostalgia Grinding (Guide).



Osteology items include a wide variety of bones; for guidance on how to grind many of these items, see Bone Sources.

Rag Trade[edit]


Rag Trade items include: Silk Scrap, Surface-Silk Scrap, Whisper-Satin Scrap, Thirsty Bombazine Scrap, Puzzle-Damask Scrap, Parabola-Linen Scrap, Scrap of Ivory Organza, and Veils-Velvet Scrap.

Information on how to grind Rag Trade items may be found at Rag Trade Grinding (Guide).



Ratness items include: Rat on a String, Baptised Rattus Faber Corpse, Rat of Glory, and Venge-Rat Corpse.

Information on how to grind Ratness items may be found at Ratness Grinding (Guide).


Rubbery items include: Nodule of Deep Amber, Unearthly Fossil, Nodule of Trembling Amber, Nodule of Warm Amber, Nodule of Pulsating Amber, Nodule of Fecund Amber, and Fluke-Core.