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Fallen London has developed some fanspeak terms, which might confuse you on the community forums or in the IRC (Internet Relay Chat - a chat room for Fallen London enthusiasts. You can use a web client to connect, if you like). An attempt to list them shall be below:


Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable. Refers to the combined number when adding the Bizarre, Dreaded and Respectable stats together. Having high BDR is crucial to gaining Notability (see Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable (Guide)).
Change points, marking progress toward increasing the level of a quality. Could be considered experience.
Making Waves, a quality related to Notability. Also needed for a few other things, such as crafting a Night on the Town at the Bazaar Sidestreets.
Someone Is Coming, a quality gradually raised up to 4 on various cards, resulting in A Gift from the Capering Relicker
A Person of Some Importance -, a quality required for some high-level storylets. Has both advantages and disadvantages, the reduction in efficiency of menace reducers such as Laudanum being a significant drawback, especially at low levels (for a guide consult A Person of Some Importance (Guide).
Paramount Presence, the highest level of PoSI (see above). Unlocks a few specific things but is mostly a vanity quality.
Short for Putting the Pieces Together. Typically refers to the Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre quality (mostly gained from the seasonal events at Christmas) but is occasionally used for Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies.
A Scholar of the Correspondence, a quality required for entering the University and of importance when dealing with the Masters or the Bazaar, or choosing Correspondent as a profession.
Basic Stats, Highway Stats
Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy, and Watchful, the four primary stats.

Advanced Statistics[edit]

Special skills that become available in the late game:

Sometimes you can see abbreviation MAGCATS which stands for first letters from skills in order:

  1. Mithridacy
  2. Anatomy, Monstrous
  3. Glasswork
  4. Chess, A Player of
  5. Artisan of the Red Science
  6. Toxicology, Kataleptic
  7. Shapeling Arts

It is a bit outdated, as it does not list Steward of the Discordance or Zeefaring, two stats released after it was coined

Content & Stories[edit]

Fallen London, the game. Was called Echo Bazaar (EB) at its inception.
SS (SSea, SSkies)
Sunless Seas or Sunless Skies, other games set in the same universe.
Failbetter Games, the developers of Fallen London.
Exceptional Friend(ship), a paid subscription to Fallen London granting quality of life features, extra locations, and the monthly Exceptional Story.
Refers to the Making Your Name storylines
SFiG (or USFiG)
Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold, a fate-locked storyline of some lore interest.
Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, an incredibly menacing and damaging storyline. Was put on hiatus in... November/December 2013, due to problems with its punishing nature, bugginess, and interactions with fate-locked content. Was revived in June 2016, slightly tamed. A guide can be found here.


Getting things[edit]

Echoes per action, an estimate of the cash value of doing something. Some of the best options are listed here.
Pence per action, an estimate of the cash value of doing something.
Scrip per action, an estimate of the Scrip value of doing something. Some of the best options are listed here
A repeatable loop of actions, resulting in one large payout.


Knife & Candle, a mischievously murderous game where you stab other players. It was revealed to have been canceled in a patch note on the 13th of April 2021.
Meeting Your End, also know as Metempsychosis, was a potential story that would have allowed players to retire a character and starting a new one. It was a common source of discussion among the community, and was controversial. It was delayed once, until Failbetter Game finally announced on April 12th 2021 that it was cancelled.


The following terms are not really directly related to the gameplay or storytelling in this game, but are acronyms or abbreviations that are often used by people who have experience in the technical designs of games.

Short for "random number generator", a common tool in the software-design of digital games; these are colloquially 'digital dice'. The game uses RNGs for many things, such as in the challenge rolls and random-changing of Airs qualities. (For better or worse, the utterance of this abbreviation is usually accompanied with complaints about luck-dependent elements in the gameplay.)
Short for "Best in slot", expression often used together with some item and stat denoting it's best one in the given slot.
Calling Card, used to invite another player to become an Acquaintance, which is required for many (but not all) other social actions.
T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8
Item tiers, based on sell price in the Bazaar. See Items (Guide) for more details.


A number of specific items get talked about enough (mostly in the context of how to acquire a lot of them, or occasionally how to acquire them at all) that they have their own abbreviations:

Abbreviation Full name
CD Compromising Document
CD Crackling Device
EI Extraordinary Implication
JoI Journal of Infamy
KC, KhanCoin Assortment of Khaganian Coinage
MoDS Memory of Distant Shores
MoL Memory of Light
NW Night-Whisper
RS Rat-Shilling
TLS Touching Love Story
ToT Tale of Terror!!
UI Uncanny Incunabulum