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What needs work: More information about MW gains from other actions, particularly other opportunity cards and social slights.

You have a reputation! Now be sure to keep your name before the public.


What is Making Waves?[edit]

"...there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."
—Lord Henry, in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (1891)

The quality Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves tracks how much you're being talked about in Fallen London. As the in-game text says, "It is merely a distraction until you’ve achieved Diamond.png Person of Some Importance status."

Once you are a PoSI, Making Waves is how you increase your Sidebarnotability.png Notability. Using the Slowcake's Amanuensis card and an Bookbrown.png Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals, you can spend Making Waves to increase your Notability. How many levels of Making Waves you need to raise Notability is determined by the formula [20 - (Sidebarbizarre.png B+Sidebardreaded.png D+Sidebarrespectable.png R) + 4 * Sidebarnotability.png N], in which B+D+R is the total of your Bizarre, Dreaded, and Respectable levels, and N is your current Notability. (For more on Notability and what it is used for, consult the Notability sections of the PoSI guide.)

There are a variety of actions that raise Making Waves, and actions that lower it. Every week, it is halved by Time, the Healer.

I need some Making Waves![edit]

There are a number of different ways of getting Making Waves, and the best method depends on your resources, the amount of time you have, and the amount of Making Waves you need.

  • Grinds: If you prefer to not spend too many resources on Making Waves, and have a full week ahead of you, there are several reliable grinds.
    • The first is the cross-conversion carousel. This averages 1.6 CP MW (and Icon-echo.png 0.50) per action and is indefinitely cycleable, requiring only that players have at least 50 of one type of 50-pence item to start. You can use extra actions before Time, the Healer comes through to line up as many 50p items as possible at Making Waves conversions (e.g., converting them all to Sunset.png Visions of the Surface) in order to maximize the efficiency of the carousel.
    • The second is at Station.png Helicon House, where the Mirrored Salon (once unlocked) provides a grind that gives 4 CP MW per action.This may be done four times per visit to the House before the player must leave. By simply exiting the house immediately, this provides 3.2 CP MW per action and no profit; by instead staying in the house to collect a final reward before leaving, players may accrue 2.7 CP MW and around Icon-echo.png 1.7 per action, with payout depending on choice of companion. The payout can increase to 2.62 EPA if a player has Diamondblue.png Train Luxuries 4, in order to use the solacefruit option and purchase Question.png Tinned Ham to sell to the Bazaar. This grind requires players to have a Railway, to have unlocked Helicon House, to have Mirror.png Glasswork 8, and to have an Mirrormonster2.png Oneiric Key or an Stalagmite.png Underground Organ to avoid repeatedly paying the House's entry fee. Once all of these conditions are met, however, it is the fastest way to repeatedly and indefinitely grind Making Waves. At 2.7 CP MW per action, one may go from zero to 66 levels of MW in a week (assuming 120 actions per day); at 3.2 CP MW per action, that increases to 72 levels of MW.
  • Lodgings cards: If you would like a lot of Making Waves quickly, and don't mind spending resources on them, many Lodgings cards offer MW actions that typically cost around Icon-echo.png 1 per CP of Making Waves. These can be very useful for getting high levels of MW, as they generally give a lot at one time.
  • Salon: For very high levels of Making Waves, the Salon is the most effective option. It takes time and resources to set it up and to raise Scheme, but once high levels of Scheme are obtained it can give around 3 CP MW per Icon-echo.png 1 of investment. For very high levels of Making Waves, the Salon and Orphanage can also be used to "bank" MW to allow more than a week's worth of grinding.
  • Social actions: If you want to get a last few points before the week ends, and only have a few actions to get them with, you may want to Flatter a non-PoSI at Dante's Grill (the other person has to initiate this via Benefit from flattery at Dante's Grill) or Meet someone for a Coffee at Caligula's; both are Social Actions. If you don't want to or don't have time to interact with others, there are some universally available grindable Actions that reliably give small amounts of Making Waves. Actions that give 1 CP per action or less are usually not sustainable for getting higher levels of Notability, however.

Grindable actions[edit]

Grindable actions that increase Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves are:

Cross-Conversion Carousel[edit]

Cross-category item conversions: Overview

Bottledsoulblue.png Scaryeye.png Papers3.png Mirror.png Waves3.png Bottlewillow.png Scrap2.png Bookpurple.png Scrawl1.png Sunset.png Mountainglow.png Conversation.png Wake.png Bottledsoulblue.png

All conversions are 50:51. Conversions marked as ≈ produce 1-10 CP of Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves.

Upgrading and converting certain items across categories gives ~1.61 CP on average; check the Items Guide for more information. This process is also known as the 50p item carousel.

Although the conversion carousel gives 1.6 CP per action on average, it can be made more efficient. In particular, the string of conversions between Bottlewillow.png Strangling Willow Absinthe and Sunset.png Visions of the Surface, which all give 0 MW, may be done in advance of Time, The Healer's visit. This allows players to immediately begin getting Making Waves at the start of the week, offering more time to reach a MW goal.

As the carousel is very modestly profitable (each batch of 50 items results in 51 items of the next category), it is possible to "snowball" and become self-sustaining. It's up to you how many items you want to convert at one time; large batches of resources (thousands of 50p items or more) can be more easily optimized in the above manner, but also represent a significant action investment. The cross-conversion carousel is generally adequate on its own up to moderately high Notability goals, depending on BDR, and even at later levels is useful to complement Salons or Lodgings grinds.

Opportunity cards[edit]

Opportunity card actions that increase Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves. While most of the grindable options are free and/or mildly profitable unless otherwise noted, these cost resources. However, they are more time-efficient than the grindable methods.

Lodgings cards[edit]

Some major MW gains are found on the opportunity cards specific to Lodgings you own.


Handsome Townhouse[edit]

The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse is one of the most efficient ways of generating large amounts of MW, either through a Salon or an Orphanage. Both options require raising Scheme, which may be cashed in for Making Waves. The Salon raises Scheme through Bohemians and Society favours, as well as Lips.png Stolen Kisses and Baldman.png Favours in High Places. The Orphanage primarily requires Echoes and items that may be bought from the Bazaar. Although this does in theory make the Orphanage more flexible to grind for, both Bohemian and Society favours are relatively abundant, and it costs only half as much to raise Scheme with the Salon compared to the Orphanage.

For a Salon, you build up Mushroomhat.png Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon.

Option Requirements Echo cost Scheme Scheme/Echo Ratio
Encourage the great and the good to attend your Salon Salon2.png 3 x Favours: Society
Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places
25.1 E 5 - 7 CP
(Avg. 6)
Encourage the wise and the wicked to attend your Salon Bohogirl1.png 3 x Favours: Bohemians
Lips.png 4 x Stolen Kiss
22.6 E 2 - 11 CP
(Avg 6.5)

Salon CP can be cashed out by inviting various people to your Salon, at a range of costs and rewards. The list of possible invitees depends on Clouds.png The Airs of London, which may be shuffled through a variety of actions.

  • Most invitees (Silas the Showman, the Presbyteriate Diplomat, The Mercies, The Repentant Forger, and the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer) cost between 15 and 30 CP of Scheme, and give, on average, 10 to 11 CP of MW per CP of Scheme. For some of these invitees, the range is larger than for others.
  • It is possible to invite other players: Authors give 150 CP Making Waves for 15 CP Scheme (10 CP MW per Scheme), with no Airs requirement; Crooked-Crosses give 200 CP Making Waves for 15 CP Scheme (13.3 CP MW per Scheme), and require Clouds.png Airs 80-100.
  • If you have the Lyrebird Educated in Three Schools from Whitsun, you can present it for 14(?) CP Scheme with Clouds.png Airs 25-50 for 150 CP Making Waves. (10.7 CP MW per Scheme)
  • Inviting the Duchess (Clouds.png Airs 25-50) is an especially expensive option, costing a Midnightmatriarch.png Midnight Matriarch and 65 CP Scheme, with a reward of 850 CP of Making Waves. (13 CP MW per Scheme)

At its most efficient (building Scheme via Wise and Wicked and cashing it in with Crooked-Cross visits), this will give a return of 3.8 CP MW per Echo invested.

For an Orphanage, you build up Urchingirl.png Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage.

Option Requirements Echo cost Scheme Scheme/Echo Ratio
Offer some Urchins a place in your Orphanage Urchin.png 5 x Favours: Urchins
Icon-echo.png 30
Icon-echo.png 51 4 - 8 CP
(Avg 6)
Look after your Orphanage Vialblue.png 5 x F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour

Soberdresssmall.png 5 x Sober Dress
Workclothessmall.png 5 x Set of Workman's Clothes
Demetergreen.png 250 x Foxfire Candle Stub
Icon-echo.png 50

Icon-echo.png 59.5 4 - 9 CP
(Avg 6.5)
Admit your Winsome Orphan to the Orphanage Urchinblond.png 1 x Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
Icon-echo.png 10
Icon-echo.png 74.80 1 - 11 CP
(Avg 6)
Introduce your Warm-Hearted Amber Iguana as a Pet Iguana warmhearted.png 1 x Warm-hearted Amber Iguana (not consumed)
Icon-echo.png 40
Icon-echo.png 40 3 - 14 CP
(Avg 8.5)

As with the Salon, there are a variety of cash-out options.

At its most efficient (building Scheme with an Iguana and inviting Midnighters or Correspondents), this gives a return of 2.8 CP MW per Echo. If the Iguana is not available, this becomes 1.6 CP MW per Echo via the 5 x Urchins Favours option.

Banking Actions: If you have a cooperative friend, or an alt, you can "bank" social invites from the Salon or Orphanage by sending the invites as the options become available, but asking them to not accept them immediately. Then, when you have enough in store to reach your Notability goal, ask them to accept all of the invites at once. This avoids the need to draw the Handsome Townhouse card many times in a single week. Note that this does not work with any of the NPC invites, which are automatically accepted as soon as they are sent.

Other Lodgings[edit]

Most other Lodgings cards have some method of accruing Making Waves, though none are as elaborate as the Townhouse.

Rooftop Shack:

Cottage by the Observatory:

  • Invite guests to trade a Enigma.png Searing Enigma for 65 CP MW.
    • Note that there is an Library.png SotC challenge associated with this - if you fail, you won't lose the Enigma, but you won't gain the MW either.

Lair in the Marshes:

Rooms above a Gambling Den:

Smoky Flophouse:

A guest room at the Brass Embassy:

Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem:

Premises at the Bazaar:

Other opportunity cards[edit]

Social actions[edit]

These depend on the recipient accepting, so don't splurge before checking that your invitation is likely to be accepted.

Carousels or projects[edit]

Things that take longer and cost more but can give substantial boosts