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(currently on a break as real life is a bit busier than usual. I expect to be back) Hi, I'm Aximillio and I'm an admin on this wiki. I started on the wiki in 2013 and have had a hiatus or two since then. If you have a question about how the wiki was in the golden days when we had different templates depending on the amount of branches on storylets and cards (ugh), or something not related to very new content, feel free to hit me up =)

One of my focuses on the wiki is working on guides to make the wiki a little bit more user-friendly. I also tend to do a bit of maintenance. It should be noted that English is my second language, so feel free to correct any spelling errors I make.

Character Description[edit]

Aximillio, my former character has travelled to the other side of mirrors, in a permanent manner. One might say he was eaten by the Finger Kings. The specifics are unclear.

As a final act, Aximillio released Kiptoo from the glass prisons, a somewhat imperfect replica of himself, as a fulfilment of his destiny. Kiptoo's mission in Fallen London is to bring back Aximillio, or at least something or someone from behind the mirrors, just to show that he's not in the power of the Finger Kings any more.

As a side quest, Kiptoo devoted himself to slaying the Vake, and is now one of the greatest monster hunters in the Neath.

Kiptoo is positive to some social activities - feel free to message me here or on Discord about it.

To Do[edit]

Desired Guides[edit]


If you're looking for a guide to some aspect of the game and it doesn't exist yet, feel free to list it here. If you see a missing guide listed here and you think you can create one, please do! Any contribution is appreciated!

Guide Details WIP?
Worst-in-Slot Calculator for worst-in-slot for all the stats that have items which decrease them
Card probabilities Perhaps an update to an existing page (like Card Frequency) can suffice, but something that thoroughly explains the likelihood and time required of drawing a single card, to which one could direct the daily inquirers on the matter, would be appreciated.

Somewhat relatedly, but much more complex, it would be good to have an explainer on the tradeoffs between actions and different card probabilities, i.e. how to decide when it's worth it to "waste" an action (such as by moving to another Upper River station) to temporarily improve your odds of drawing better cards (until you need to go somewhere else because you need to spend actions, or to spend favours, etc.).

A Trade In Souls Guide Some users find it confusing since its done via opportunity cards.
Onboarding Walkthrough the official onboarding content (tutorial + blue frames + onboarding messaging) with links to relevant wiki guides. More targetted/narrow than Beginner's Guide
Guide for Unsanctioned Relicker Items Item comparison; calculations and analysis about grinding needed economic items (especially for Pre~Mid PoSI players)
Item Uses (Guide) See Template:ItemUsesGuide; Academic Uses (Guide) needs restoring. Discussion about making it dynamic with the guides has been happening in the discord.

Guides needing work[edit]

A Church in the Wild (Guide), A Kitchen for Artists (Guide), A Panther's Progress (Guide), A Scholar of the Correspondence (Guide), Active Access Codes, Ambition: Nemesis (Guide), Ambitions (Guide), Assembling a Skeleton (Guide)/Recipes, Barristering at Evenlode (Guide), Bessemer Steel Ingot (Guide)/Calculations, Breeding Monsters (Guide), Calling in Favours (Guide), Department of Menace Eradication (Guide), Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide), Dreams (Guide), Elder Uses (Guide), Emile Gease, Engaged in a Case (Guide), Evolution (Guide), Experimental Object, Flash Lays (Guide), Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide), Hallowmas (Guide)/Strategies and Analysis, Handsome Townhouse: Schemes (Guide), Hearts' Game (Guide), Helicon House (Guide), Helicon House (Guide)/Tables, Hunting the Beasts of the Zee (Guide), Hurling (Guide), Irem (Guide), Iron Republic Street Map, Jericho Library (Guide), Large Single Item Expenditures, Leveling (Guide), Location-specific cards in the Hinterlands (Guide), Making Your Name (Guide), Master-Classes in Etiquette (Guide), Menace Locations (Guide), Money-Making/Calculations, Money-Making/Lategame, Noman Tattoo (Guide), Opportunity Items (Guide), Parabola (Guide), Parabolan War (Guide), Philosofruits (Guide), Piracy (Guide), Preparing for Seasonal Events (Guide), Professions (Guide), Railway (Guide), Railway Board (Guide)... further results