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Someone you loved is dead. You swore you'd scour the world for the killer. Your search brought you under the world.

Ambition: Nemesis is a tale of revenge that begins in Ladybones Road and leads the player across Fallen London... and perhaps beyond. The main Attributes are Watchful and Dangerous.

For more information on Ambitions and choosing between them, consult the Ambitions guide.


This Ambition can be started in Ladybones Road with Watchful 6. You can check your progress at any time on the Myself tab under Ambition; the number after the Ambition title is the part of the story you're currently on.


This can be helpful when you're unsure where to go next; just find the corresponding part number below.


Beginning (1-30)[edit]

First steps (0–9)[edit]

Ladybones Road: Getting started

  • Nemesis 0: Your search for your loved one's killer has brought you to the Neath. — Watchful 6.
  • Nemesis 1: You have two clues. Find information on these odd petals. — Watchful 10.

Watchmaker's Hill: Meet with the Mumbling Bee-keeper.

Veilgarden: Talk to the locksmith


The Forgotten Quarter / Red Honey (9) (optional if you have an Uncanny Incunabulum to spend later)[edit]

The Forgotten Quarter: Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter

The University: Make a Drop of Gaoler's Honey

The Chambers of the Heart: Experiment with the Drop of Gaoler's Honey


The Cage-Garden (9-10)[edit]

The Shuttered Palace: Ambition: Nemesis - Shuttered Palace

If you strike the Cage-keeper down before questioning him:


Carrywell (11-23)[edit]

Wolfstack Docks: Catch a steamer to the tomb-colonies

The tomb-colony of Venderbight: Hunt down Carrywell

Back in London (24-30)[edit]

Ladybones Road: Learning about the Iron Republic

For both Ambition: Nemesis 27 - The Dreaming Spires and for 30, you need a lot of honey. The first stage costs 2000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, while the latter stage costs 1500 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey

The Iron Republic (31-36)[edit]

To zail to the Iron Republic, you will need the following:


A Ship, guide can be found here: Ship Guide.


Iron Republic Safe-Conduct which can be gotten through the Counting the Days carousel at the end: Obtain an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct 2. You will need:

Other prerequisites[edit]

Before you start your voyage, you will also want to have:

2 x Portfolio of Souls:

Stone Tentacle-Key. This is obtained at Hunter's Keep. Time Passing at Hunter's Keep (Guide) is a guide on how to get the key.

Now you are ready to enter the Iron Republic.

In the Iron Republic (31-36)[edit]

In the Iron Republic, some storylets appear on certain Iron Republic Days. Iron Republic Street Map may help.

Investigating in London (37-39)[edit]

Ambition: Nemesis – Scathewick's Accounts will task you with some investigations, where you will need to:

These tasks can be done in any order.


When you begin Investigate 'Cumberbold' or Investigate 'Gloriana', you will be hindered by A Complication: Jasper and Frank. Should you wish, this quality can be removed by either:

If the complication isn't dealt with, you will have to pay an extra price.



Scathewick's Correspondence Sign[edit]

Unmasking your Nemesis (40-59)[edit]

You will be asked who your investigations point towards.

This group has to be further specified and this costs An Identity Uncovered! per guess, or 10 x Compromising Document, 2 x Volume of Collated Research, 2 x Extraordinary Implication if you want to investigate.

The Glistering Spires (60-99)[edit]

For this stage in your ambition you'll want the following:

Lilac (100-159)[edit]

For this stage, you must follow your bat to find back your memory. Your bat reached these 4 places:

You only need to go to 3 of them progress the story

To do: fill out a lot more steps in between[edit]

The Book of Red Murder (160-190)[edit]

Search for the mirror-shard (190)[edit]

This is the notorious "Knifegate". You'll have to buy 77 Ravenglass Knife (15,769.60 E) or 777 Skyglass Knife (9,945.60E). Worse, either option involves a luck check and if you fail you still lose 1/7th of the knives.

You can also buy the knives from the The Rat Market, which may increase your effective EPA. Note that Silverers can sell the Uncanny Incanabula they get weekly for Rat-Shillings.

You now have to use some animal friends to scout out and repair the mirror in the Bazaar. This involves a quality called Ambition: A Crack in the Veneer (abbreviated as ACitV) which starts out at zero and each attempt is a check on the same quality. You gain a bit with every attempt using the bats or the spiders (more on success, less on fail), plus Suspicion. You probably don't want to burn your frost-moth or Rattus Faber until it's high enough to give a good chance of success. You complete this storylet when A Mirror Made Whole is set to 5.

Companion Challenge Difficulty Success Failure
Sulky Bat ACitV 100 5 x ACitV

+1 CP Suspicion

3 x ACitV

-1 x Sulky Bat +2CP Suspicion

Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider ACitV 75 10 x ACitV

+1 CP Suspicion

5 x ACitV

-1 x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider +2 CP Suspicion

Complaisant Frost-Moth ACitV 250 A Mirror Made Whole to 5 15 x ACitV

-1 x Complaisant Frost-Moth

Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief ACitV 200 A Mirror Made Whole to 5 5 x ACitV

-1 x Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief

Alternatively can finish without a check if you have The Minister of State Affairs, The Minister of War, The Minister of Culture, The Minister of Enigmas and 50 x Ambition: A Crack in the Veneer.

Through the Glass Darkly (200-214)[edit]

Next up you'll need to move through Parabola, which requires one of the following:

  • Find your own way regardless
    • 50 Memories of Light
    • 50 Memories of Distant Shores
    • Profession: Silverer


  • Contact the Glass
    • 1 Searing Enigma
    • Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 25

After that, you'll need a Night-Whisper and 3 Antique Mysteries to be shown the way. Silverers can get by for free.