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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

Inspired... is a progress quality used for several Persuasive commissions, as well as writing works at court.

Gaining Inspired...[edit]

Wiki note: Many actions in the world gain only 1 CP and are not listed.

The Empress' Court[edit]

Helicon House[edit]

Inspired... Sources
Action Location Gain Time Remaining Notes
Both your spouses Alone, or with a companion? +2
Your spouse, the Revolutionary Firebrand
Your spouse, the Secular Missionary
Alone, or with a companion? +5 FATE
Critique the work of the Night Painter
Discuss the Tentacled Entrepreneur's plans
Converse with the Dean of Xenotheology
Talk with the Bohemian Sculptress
The Prussian Salon +4 2+ Only one option is available at any given time, depending on Airs of Ealing Gardens
Dream with the others
Offer yourself as escort and guide
The Upstairs Honey Den +6 2+
Dance with your Lover, Returned
Dance with your Spouse, Returned
The South Parlour +8 4+ Ambition: Nemesis
Share the paintings with your returned Daughter The Yellow Salon +8 4+ Ambition: Nemesis
Dine with your Brother, Returned The Supper Room +8 4+ Ambition: Nemesis
Inspire them with the light of your False-Star The Mirrored Salon +8 4+ Ambition: Light Fingers!
Serve up a Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines The Supper Room +4 2+ Requires Current Culinary Concoction exactly 57 and Involved in a Railway Venture 90, gives 55 x Hinterland Scrip
Display your own painting The Yellow Salon +0-6 2+ Requires Completed Painting and Involved in a Railway Venture 80, Inspired gain depends on Painting: Luminosity, gives 125 x Hinterland Scrip

Here, Inspired can be cashed in to Accept a commission or Lead them like sacrifices to the Priests of the Red Bird, or saved for later.

Related opportunities with all projects[edit]